Yabba Dabba Doo!

Welcome To Bedrock! A.K.A. The Timbrook Guesthouse, located right here in Northwest Columbus, Ohio.
Recently, there was an article in The Columbus Dispatch regarding a Flintstone House out in the San Francisco Bay Area that has neighbors in an uproar. I studied the pictures and was amazed at the whimsical fun and artistic talent that went into such an expansive creation. It is tastefully done and well maintained and in my opinion, an iconic landscape newsworthy of positive attention.

View the article here

This article was perfect timing and fitting for what is going on here at our bed and breakfast home. I had already started calling my husband Peter, Fred! And on any given day, I could point out all his 1960’s cronies that get him into trouble with Wilma. I’m sure if a camera crew followed Fred around here, in now our very own quarry pit, not only would laughter and chuckles unfold but also awe inspiring admiration for the shear amount work and vision that transforms The Timbrook Guesthouse every day.

Peter and I have so many plans for this property. As we continue to grow and improve our hidden oasis , sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards. But through all the rock and rumble, I can see the end result and it is going to be wonderful!

And boy do we have the rocks! As well as our own Pebbles and Bam Bam!

With the completion of our gazebo coming up soon, I had seriously started to think on the landscape surrounding this grand new amenity to our Columbus Inn. And my answer was rocks. No where on our property do we have any big boulders or stones of any size to give the landscape a different interest to our gardens. So a couple of weeks ago, Peter took me on a date to a rock yard. And I found some beautiful ones!Now with the patience that only Wilma had with Fred, I too have to demonstrate the same with my Peter and trust that in due time the vision in my head will be displayed for all to see and enjoy while visiting us here at The Timbrook Guesthouse. When that day comes, our surrounding neighbors and guests just may here me exclaiming, “YABBA DABBA DOO!”

“That does it!” – Fred Flinstone


Wilma Flintstone

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