Stones & Scones

Happy summer from The Timbrook Guesthouse! It’s hard to believe that it is already June which means parties, patios and fireplace pits. We have been working hard to finish some outside gathering spots and like always, it comes with a story…
Peter came to me last fall and said we need to take a trip to Buffalo, NY. The question “why” was my only response due to past experiences when he gets involved in planning a getaway. One example, to explain my skepticism of his impromptu excursion, goes back to my 50th birthday celebration. Peter wanted to do something special with me and suggested going to Nashville to listen to some music for a couple of nights. Little did I know that he had an ulterior motive for this birthday bash road trip. Wait for it.. The Nisan Smyrna Auto Plant! Every girls dream, especially for her 50th birthday present. I must say I was completely speechless pulling into the plant parking lot but was equally surprised at how interesting it turned out to be. Needless to say, it is always about the journey with my Pete Dole.
Onto Buffalo, NY. Again, wait for it.. to visit a stone yard! How could I possibly refuse?
Peter’s means to his madness centered around re-purposed cobbles that he wanted to use for our new patio here at The Timbrook. And Buffalo, NY happens to be the cobble stone capital of North America. So, I did my magic and found us what I thought would be a neat bed and breakfast to stay at while we were in town scouring stone yards for the perfect cobbles. We arrived to a wonderful historical home on an absolutely beautiful street that should have resulted in a home run of a stay. Instead, we get wacky couple including a narcissistic husband who could not stop talking about how his wife is the scone queen of the world. During our two nights staying at their establishment, scones were the only topic of conversation that he cared to talk about. And the only glimpse of the “scone queen” for our entire visit was early one morning watching her run around the back yard with a broom stick in her hand trying desperately hard to hit the family dog that seemingly had gotten into a pizza box. With that picture permanently implanted in my brain, I concluded that the threshold of this bed and breakfast needed a large witching ball to capture all the bad juju that was definitely affecting the owners of the inn.
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
Peter and I always seem to have memorable trips and this trip will forever be remembered because we found the most fabulous cobbles for our patio. This past winter was mild enough that Peter and his crew were able to work all winter long laying our re-purposed cobbles from Buffalo. And the outcome is absolutely wonderful.We are so excited to share it all with all our family, friends and guests. This is just another example of why The Timbrook Guesthouse is so special. It takes vision, passion, sweat and tears to create such a lovely space for people to gather. And just a scattering of stones and scones!

Mahalo! Jill

(Look for my very own blueberry scone recipe in our next email. Made with love and a spoon minus the gloom and a broom!)

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