Poker Bingo Put Take Make

Welcome back to my Timbrook Guesthouse blog page. I am sitting here in the cozy commons room of Cinnamon Morning Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque, New Mexico sipping green tea with Peter and enjoying a beautiful sunrise. We are in town for the annual Inn Keeping Conference but just couldn’t bring ourselves to stay at the downtown hotel where the convention is being held. Instead, I did my research and have found a gem of an inn. Sue, the innkeeper here for 25 years has taught me more about this business than I will probably learn from the educational sessions over the next couple of days. I hope I have as many wonderful years in this industry as she has relayed. With the amount of fun I am having thus far, I think I am off to a good start.
Let's Play Poker
I am going to take this down-time opportunity to talk about the return of board games. Board games are back! Peter and I first noticed this trend a couple of years ago when we went to the newly opened BrewDog DogTap Columbus located just southeast of the city. We took the family there one Sunday evening to see what all the talk was about and as we were walking in, we noticed everyone else walking in, (some with children, some without), were carrying bags and totes of board games. I thought this odd but as we got inside, the waiting room was ginormous and filled with sitting areas where family and friends gathered around playing games of all types, the old classics as well as new ones and having no problem waiting the long periods for their tables to be ready. Since I did not know this was a “thing”, I was happy to have a reservation because I had no other way to entertain my family except with my words of wisdom.

The second time I noticed this increase in game board activity was when our some of our children added these items to their Christmas list. They wanted to start their own collection, mostly of the oldies such as Monopoly, Risk, The Game Called Life, Scrabble. Peter and I chuckled when our good morning telephone conversations to our group turned into who defeated who, who was not talking to who due to them being defeated and how that evening was going to be different because of a new strategy they have conjured up. I see our future Sunday night dinners turning into competition mayhem!

With the completion of our Nui Hut, I decided that this was an excellent space for our guests to have their own fun playing the likes of all the Milton Bradley and Hasbro classics. So when visiting our lovely bed and breakfast in Columbus, Ohio, check out gorgeous gazebo and go down memory lane taking on your loved one in a FRIENDLY game of your choice!

Let's Play Poker
As I reminisce about my own board game playing days, my mind quickly goes back not to the much talked about oldies but goodies, but of a card game played with chips called, Poker Bingo Put Take Make – taught to us my paternal grandmother, G.G. I have no idea where G.G. came up with this addicting game but it was our nightly ritual as teenagers sitting around the big dining room table at our family vacation home on Higgins Lake, Michigan. We would play hard in the water by day and play Poker Bingo well into the early morning hours by night. G.G. was a smart women who figured out early on how to keep a group of teenagers of all ages preoccupied during the evening hours playing her crazy fun game instead of getting into the mischief youth can often easily find. Recently, my brother called me to review the rules for this game because he had not played for so long and he was having a hard time recollecting all the moves. But we talked it through so he was ready for action for their next family game night.

If you are big fan of these board games and are wanting a reason to visit Columbus, Ohio, coming in June at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, The Origins Game Fair displays over 6000+ games and gaming adventures for a whole week. We have had guests stay with us in the past who have enjoyed visiting this fair to learn and play all of the latest inventions. And if needing a place to rest your head, book a room at The Timbrook and let Jill take you down her memory lane and teach you her favorite childhood game, brought to her by her beloved grandmother, G.G., a.k.a. Grandma Galehouse.

“Life is more fun when you play games.” Roald Dahl

Mahlo! Poker Bingo Put Take Make Aficionado, Jill

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