Oops!… I Did It Again

Oops!… I did it again!

Now that I have you all singing Britney Spears’ 2000 hit song in your head, I will explain what it is I mean in reference to running my bed and breakfast right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Twice now I have not listened to a seasoned innkeeper that Peter and I met in Taos, New Mexico a couple of years ago while visiting the area.
His name was Wayne. He had been running his bed and breakfast in Taos for almost 25 years. So I bent his ear a couple of times asking anything and everything about his experiences with running an inn for so long. I should have taken heed to one piece of his advice.. twice now! But I chickened out both times and paid for it dearly.

This was his advice: On a number of occasions, he has met his guests at the door to his inn and upon the normal meet and greet niceties, he preceded to hand the guests their money back and sent them on their way, right back out the door! He said he tells them that he is going to save them a bad time and himself a bad review. At this point I couldn’t quite grasp what on Earth could transpire in such a short introduction. But I learned this very lesson a few months after we returned home.

From my stand point (and remember, mine is the only one that matters here) the only thing I did wrong for this couple’s one night stay was, I answered the door! My motto for dealing with the grouchy ones began as “just kill them with kindness” and ended with me just wanting to kill them. And they were here less than 20 hours. Peter asked me for a long time what it was about them that made me wish I had listened to Wayne, who just happened to be sitting on my shoulder and whispering in my ear, “Don’t let them in,” repeatedly at the front door. My only response was that the whole aura of my home filled the likes of Cruella de Vil and Archie Bunker all rolled into one!

And then it happened again!!! The only sad thing about this couple was that they were here for two nights and they didn’t bother to leave a review. Thank goodness! The first couple did leave a book of a review on our Trip Advisor page and is the only poor review that we have received. It is an entertaining fictional read.

So while you may all be humming Britney’s #1 hit song from long ago, I myself can’t get the Disney theme song from Frozen, “Let it Go,” out of my head. However, it is not Elsa but or 23 month old Charlie singing at the top of her lungs! By the way, Charlie doesn’t talk. She is this little bitty body of pure independence who gets her point across with a style all her own. Listening to a toddler who doesn’t talk but sing this entire song with the only two words that she knows, “no and go,” is hilarious! A very talented feat for sure! So, watch out Britney, cause Charlie is going to make her mark in this world, hopefully with a bit more of a vocabulary!

Upon visiting our wonderful bed and breakfast here in Central Ohio, be cautious of me meeting you at the door with money in hand. Because one of these days, I will listen to Wayne and do it Wayne’s Way!

And if you ever need to be entertained while visiting The Timbrook Guesthouse, and our Busy Beaks are not enough to make you chuckle, I will be happy to pull out the recorded tape of our very own Charming Charlie!

Charming Charlie’s #1 Fan


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