One Orchid Too Many

Setting: The Timbrook Guesthouse, Columbus, Ohio
Problem: One Orchid Too Many!
Solution: Build Jill a greenhouse!
One day many years ago, I bought an orchid. For all you orchid lovers out there you know that that is all it takes to be sucked in by their beauty and elegance. The obsession began. Then came the day when Peter claims that he ran out of room to sit down in the house due to the fact that my one orchid turned into, well, let’s just say, many. So we started thinking about a greenhouse. I truly believe the real reason for building me a greenhouse was because Peter wanted to build something out of stone. Peter loves working with his hands and has had a passion for working with stone and metal. So he decided to give his first stone foundation a try. A stone foundation for my greenhouse. What fun he had!
The really neat things built on our property here at The Timbrook Guesthouse in Columbus, Ohio have been built with building supplies which have been found or given to us. For the greenhouse foundation, all the stone we collected was from other properties that we own and just hauled home and stock piled until we had a plan for their use. Peter did an exceptional job placing and arranging each stone, some several times over, until he felt it was just right. He is a perfectionist that truly has an eye for detail! And this is shown all over this property.

The pavers for the floor in the greenhouse came from my father’s lumber yard. Pile and piles of unused bricks laid in heaps in the back corner of his yard that just collected from jobs sites over the years. I remember one cold rainy day we went up there and organized them on pallets to bring them home so Peter could lay them out for the floor. He did an amazing job and started looking around for his next project. Little did he know that l had a list already in the works! I will tell you about them all before too long!

The day finally came when this project was complete and the orchids were able to move right in and they have never been so happy. What a difference in their attitude to be in the right growing conditions that make them flourish all year long. And then there is Peter, who got a new attitude as well! He got his house back!!! Well, sorta! Then came Puka! Another story for another day for sure!

Happy growing all you green thumb friends!

And like most plant enthusiasts, I love to share starts or keikis! So come hang out here at The Timbrook Bed and Breakfast and bring a pot to fill to take home for yourself to nurture and grow! And continue the passion with sharing keikis of your own!



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