Oma Is On It!

I am Jill, the Innkeeper at The Timbrook Guesthouse in Columbus, Ohio. I would just like to make aware that here at our lovely bed and breakfast, all special diets are embraced and respected.
Being a vegetarian myself for most of my life and also having a daughter diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I understand completely the necessity for altering food for individual needs. Whether you are gluten free, sugar free, vegetarian, vegan, or a mixture of all, I have your diet covered. In the words of our five year old granddaughter, Maya, “Oma is on it!”.
I would also like to share a new special diet that you have never heard before because I made it up after numerous “vegetarians” came through our door. Upon greeting our guests, I always ask if there are any dietary restrictions that I should be aware of for their breakfast the next morning. I am amazed at the number of people that will tell me that they are vegetarians unless I happen to serve a “good” piece of bacon! I have coined them with the status of “baconarians!” I just smile to myself and laugh because bacon really is in a class all it’s own. I, myself, am not a baconarian and when growing up, refused to listen to, “just pick the bacon out, honey” from various family members. To this day, I study my green beans carefully just to make sure they are completely “bacon-free!”

The Timbrook Guesthouse kitchen has dedicated pans, baking supplies and utensils specifically used for special diets. I try very hard to separate supplies that are susceptible to cross contamination. Nutrition has always been a very important part of my world. I have always wanted to prepare good eats for our family and friends and now I have the pleasure of extending my love of healthy eating to our bed and breakfast guests. We recently had a vegan guest stay with us for over a week. I dove into the vegan world for him and discovered all kinds of delicious new recipes. It was a pleasure cooking for him and he was very gracious for my efforts.

Whether visiting our beautiful Columbus bed and breakfast as an overnight guest or just joining us for your morning meal, please let us know what dietary restrictions you may have and I promise to accommodate your needs to the best of my abilities. Step one: Put on my apron. Step two: Prepare with love. Step three: Serve with a smile. And no worries for you at all because, “Oma is on it!”.

Always Made With Love,

Maya’s “On it” Oma / The Timbrook Guesthouse special diet specialist

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