Lost & Found

Welcome back my blog buddies! I have another little story for you that I would like to share. This goes back a few years before we turned our home into The Timbrook Guesthouse and began sharing our quiet, quaint sanctuary located off of Olentangy River Road in Northwest Columbus.
Separate from the main house but connected by a breeze way we have a Carriage House. It is a two bedroom, 1300 sq. ft. apartment that about 17 years ago we decided to rent out full time on a yearly lease. I put out the advertisement and in bold letters was, NO PETS! I remember interviewing many and turning them away for this, that or the other. Until I met the sweetest gentleman that just fell in love with the whole place. And I just loved everything he had to say and thought what a perfect fit for our wonderful Carriage House. He was single, one car, worked all the time, loved to swim so he would make use of the pool and I could tell he was a great person. After spending so much time with me, I couldn’t wait for him to meet Peter. As he was getting ready to leave, he decides to tell me, “Oh, by the way, I do have two long haired rag doll cats that I can not re-home.” I couldn’t believe it. I was so mad because I knew I would not be able to talk Peter into accepting not just one but two cats! So as soon as he left, I threw his application away. Crap! What a waste of time.
Peter is often referred to from my friends as “Captain Tool”. I guess it is a play on his company, Capital Tool, and the fact that this man has every tool known to man. And he likes to find reasons to use them all. However, years ago I took the privilege of the Felco pruners away from him along with anyone else that happens to help us on our property. If I am not outside and standing right there, Felco pruners are off limits.

That being said, one day last season, I spent the afternoon with my own bucket of tools and worked on our 30 year old juniper hedge that for years had been encroaching out onto our driveway. Juniper is hard to prune and takes a long time to recover from pruning and to send out new growth. Peter had been on me for awhile to rip it out and start fresh but I just wasn’t ready to give up on it. It was a very mature hedge and it provided privacy as well as good protective habitat for my wild outside friends. So, I kept cutting and reshaping and after a full afternoon of getting bit by this plant I stepped back and was satisfied that I added a few more years on to it’s longevity.

And then I went in to shower.

I came up from my lower level suite dreaming of my dinner cocktail but was quickly distracted by the sound of a chainsaw. I went running to the front door and looked out to see my darling husband, chainsaw in hand, finishing what was left of my struggling hedge.

“If the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong.”
A week passed. Many more interviews and no one that I liked as much as that cat man. I finally broke Peter down to accept the cats and was thrilled that the interview process was done and we would have a really neat neighbor. Then I went to get his application. Crap again. I remembered I threw it away. I couldn’t remember his last name and I had no contact information. As if this cat man was telepathic, my phone rang and it was him! Just wanting to check on the status of his application. I was happy to announce he was to be our first Carriage House renter but I had misplaced his application so could he please stop over and fill out another one. I think he ran right over and filled it out. Our Randy lived upstairs in our wonderful apartment for 7 years! Needless to say, he became a part of our family. He only left because he met our very own Jodi, a member of our Timbrook team but first and foremost my closest and dearest friend. They fell in love and moved just a mile down the road. That was the agreement they made when they told us they were going to buy a house; they wouldn’t go too far!

Now I would like to tell you about our location in terms of safety. The Timbrook Guesthouse location is not only perfect in terms of being centrally located and easily accessible to all venues in the Columbus area, including downtown, but it is also highly rated as one of the safest areas in Central Ohio. We are very fortunate that we get this added bonus along with the ease of proximity to nearly all points of the city. Add our wonderful 4 acres in and Peter and I think our estate is the perfect place to live and visit. Unless, you own a yoga mat..

Let’s bring back Randy. Once upon a time about 12 years ago, Randy met us at the door and was just so flustered and upset. He wanted to inform us that someone had broken into his car during the night while it was parked on our property. After exclaiming our concern and disbelief, we started asking him more questions about when, why, how and what was missing. Randy was under a lot of stress at the time with very much going on in his world so we ended up chalking it up to that because he told us what was missing from his car was some loose change, one CD and a yoga mat. Try as we might to keep a straight face because Randy was so concerned and serious, we later had to conclude that there was a very good chance that Randy was loosing his mind! However, we went along with his theory and told him from now on please do not leave such valuables in his truck because even though we have never had an issue here, never say never and it is wiser to always be prepared and smarter than the yoga mat thieves!

Needless to say within a weeks time, Randy sheepishly came knocking again only to give us the wonderful news that all said belongings were found and accounted for. Randy not only got his yoga mat back but also his mind! We loved Randy then and we love him even more now. But this is just a good reminder that when coming to The Timbrook Guesthouse for a visit, you may considering leaving your yoga mats at home!



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