Like the Wind

Darius Lowery Gabby Dole. A.K.A. My husband.
I smile whenever I see my two folk art statues that reside at my sink and look over me everyday. Peter gave them to me one year for my birthday and I knew instantly that one would be Darius and the other Gabby. And then the smile hits thinking of the mischievous little boy that went to his mother for years begging her to change his name to this unusual moniker. I am thankful for her reluctance in doing so.
Summer here at The Timbrook Guesthouse is passing by quickly as they usually do. If only we had the power to slow time down so we had more chances to take in our surroundings and really enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

Which brings me to our honey bees and another Pete Dole story.

I will start by saying that Peter does not run. In fact we had a bumper sticker on our last car that had the “0.0” on it making light that really neither of us can join the running class, but him more so than me. However..

Years ago when our youngest son, Joseph, was in grade school he had a crush on the cutest little girl in his class (who will remain nameless for his sake). One day, while our brood was out for a drive, we passed her family farm and saw that they were all out playing and working. They lived on a farm and had many cows and horses that we had heard so much about. Much to Joseph’s dismay, we decided to pull in to say hello. The parents of this little girl were very gracious and started showing us all around and preceded to take us across the pasture to see the horses. I was involved in a conversation with the mother so I don’t know exactly how it happened but all of a sudden I see Peter out of the corner of my eye running as fast as his infamous Birkenstocks would allow and making a gallant effort to reach the fence before this monster of a bull, running full speed, could catch him! I remember being in awe at his pace and even more so by the way he flew over the fence. Of course, we all took to laughing because there was no blood spilled but I will never forget being so impressed with how fast he could run and in his Birkenstocks to boot!

“The greatest superpower in the world is love.”

Now we get to our honey bees.

Peter and I got our first couple of hives at the same time we started with our chicks, about four years ago. So we are still new to bees and have much to learn. This season we had to start from scratch again after losing our hives to yellow jackets in the fall. And like any other person or animal, they all have different personalities but with hives their personalities are directly determined by the queen. For a second time we have a hive that is much more aggressive than the other and we have to be sure we are completely covered up when entering the hive to check on things. Last summer, I was talking with guests in our dining room at breakfast time and Peter had gone out to feed the hives before it got too hot. I remember looking out the window and, once again, seeing Peter running for his life, straight down the driveway. Again, wearing his Birkenstocks. But this time it wasn’t a bull chasing him, it was a swarm of bees! I can smile at the vision that is permanently implanted in my head because like with the bull, he survived unscathed by yet another near disastrous encounter!

Superhero’s have their superpowers to keep them safe from harm, but Peter only needs to be clad in is his well worn, completely torn, super running Birkenstocks! So, if you ever get a chance to visit our bed and breakfast here in Central Ohio, you may get the opportunity to see Darius Lowery Gabby Dole do what only bulls and bees have gotten him to do, run.. like the wind.

Thank you for visiting my blog about our bed and breakfast! Come visit us soon!



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