Breakfast at Timbrook

Happy snow day everyone! If you are anywhere in Ohio today, you are probably enjoying a snow day, home from work or school. Here at The Timbrook Guesthouse located in northwest Columbus, Ohio, the winter storm that came through last night blanketed us with several inches of the lightest whitest snow of the season.
There is just something about the beauty of the white crystals that sends a tranquil energy throughout our property. It definitely slows people down and sometimes that is exactly what one needs! So, I have taken this opportunity to announce what is in store for our growing inn in central Ohio.
“Don’t wanna sleep, don’t wanna die, just wanna go a-travellin’ through the pastures of the sky”
Both Peter and I can’t seem to turn off our minds from coming up with ideas to add to and better our little tropical oasis, which is in the most perfect location in Columbus. Our brain storm started awhile ago during our weekly Sunday night family dinners. Since opening our bed and breakfast, we lost the use of our dining area for our family gatherings. And our family is growing with plus ones and with little ones so it is getting more and more crowded at our kitchen table that will only expand out so far. So we decided to add a dining area off the back side of the house. Our patio, in my opinion, was already too big for my liking so we drew up plans to add a dining area off the south side which will provide us with much needed dining space as well as create a small, more inviting outside area that I think our guests and our family will find more appealing. But, we thought, let’s not stop there! While we are at it, let’s enclose the lower porch area off our commons room and add a little breakfast nook which will house two to three two-top tables for guests who want to have a more intimate breakfast with their loved one. We happened upon a wonderful architect in Worthington and a few months later the plans were born.

Construction here at The Timbrook Guesthouse started last October. My stress level is through the roof but it will be so worth it when the projects are complete. Peter’s brother is our in-house contractor who has done the vast majority of all the work during these projects as well and the huge remodel of the old Antrim house starting in the early 1990’s. There is not much that Steve touches that does not turn to perfection! We know everything he does will be done right and perfect in the end.

An idea that popped into my head hit me the other day. With additional seating almost complete, why not open The Timbrook Guesthouse to the public for a Timbrook Breakfast. The seating will be limited depending on the number of guests we have at a given time, so it will have to be by reservation only. We get asked all the time if it would be possible to come to our lovey estate to just have one of the homemade breakfasts that I have so much fun making, without having to book a room. Now I will be able to accommodate those who would really enjoy engaging with our guests from all over the world while sitting at our communal dining table, or by enjoying a more quiet breakfast in our new eating nook that will be a beautiful room with a view. And unlike any other breakfast establishments in the Columbus area, The Timbrook hosts grounds and gardens that were made for walking! One can stroll through the perennial gardens, pull a weed or two through the organic vegetable gardens, see what orchids are in bloom in the greenhouse and most definitely be entertained by the five feathered friends (parrots) mentioned in an earlier post. And let’s no forget about saying a little thank you to the colorful flock of girls that did all the hard work providing the most delicious eggs for the egg-delicious breakfasts!

While it may not be Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Breakfast at Timbrook will be much more than a meal. It will be a memorable experience that will make you want to come back and stay upstairs in one of our lovely appointed rooms. The tranquil feeling that radiates throughout this property no matter the season will make you hang your hats and put up your feet encouraging you to never want to leave. Call Whitney soon to make your reservation so you can experience a little slice of heaven!

Bon appetit!

Jill, Innkeeper @ The Timbrook Guesthouse in Columbus, Ohio

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