What Makes Our Bed and Breakfast a Unique Getaway?

Welcome to Our Cozy Retreat

Whether you’re in town for conventions, reconnecting with loved ones, igniting a romantic spark, or a business traveler seeking a refreshing departure from the ordinary, Timbrook beckons as your haven. Staying with us is the perfect getaway (or staycation) in the Columbus area. At the Timbrook Guesthouse, we redefine the art of comfort, warmth, and relaxation with a truly unique and inviting space for our guests. Our unwavering commitment is to create an experience where every guest feels embraced, at ease, and captivated by our remarkable amenities.

What Makes The Timbrook Unique

If you’ve visited our website and explored our guestrooms and amenities, you may already know what makes the Timbrook truly special. Each room is designed to have its own look and feel, full of whimsy and wonder and packed with colors to excite and soothe you, making you feel like you’re in another place. No two rooms are the same, which means you can have a totally different experience each time you stay with us. Our repeat guests love that they can have a new adventure every time they visit. It’s one of the many reasons guests stay with us again and again! The Timbrook has an aloha spirit and a tropical yet cozy aesthetic with amenities you won’t find at other bed and breakfasts in the area. Indulge in our outdoor luxuries, including an inviting hot tub, sparkling pool, captivating aviary, and much more! Count on us for the inside scoop on Columbus’s must-see attractions and upcoming events. As dedicated members of this vibrant community, our enthusiasm lies in ensuring you savor the ultimate adventure, mere moments from downtown, yet a world away from the ordinary.

About The Timbrook Guesthouse

South Siesta Suite

The roots of The Timbrook Guesthouse trace back to its origins as the historic Old Jack Antrim Farmhouse, a charming structure constructed in 1875. For nearly two and a half decades, this stately residence served as the abode of Jack Antrim, who called it home from 1921 until 1945. Subsequently, the property changed hands, and ownership transferred to the Timmons family, transforming this cherished estate into what is now affectionately known as the Timbrook.

A Seasonal Escape for Every Time of Year

One wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a bed and breakfast with a tropical feel and an aviary of parrots in the middle of Columbus, Ohio, but it truly makes the Timbrook a unique experience. In the dead of winter in a metropolitan city, you can feel like you’ve escaped to an island paradise and enjoy experiences you would have otherwise journeyed thousands of miles to have. A unique travel experience doesn’t always have to take place far away from home. At the Timbrook, we’re excited to offer our guests a getaway minutes from downtown and miles from reality.

Staying At Our Bed and Breakfast

Santa Fe Suite

Staying at our bed and breakfast is an entirely different experience from average hotels. When you stay with us, you get the benefit of experiencing a true bed and breakfast with a delicious menu to explore. We are incredibly passionate about utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients and have a farm-to-table menu approach. Our breakfast has a personality and is made with our own veggies from our beautiful vegetable garden and a coop of cheerful and productive hens at our on-site hen house! Our egg dishes are a must-try! If we don’t grow something ourselves, we turn to local farmers and visit the Farmer’s Market in downtown Worthington. Our breakfast menu is a harmonious blend of sweet and savory delights, carefully designed to cater to every palate and dietary preference. As someone who personally follows a vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free regimen, Jill understands the importance of crafting meals tailored to specific health needs. The menu is just one of many wonderful things to discover at the Timbrook, adding an extra layer of delight to your experience. Our themed rooms also offer the most comfortable beds with charming bed linens during your stay.

Enhancing Your Stay with Special Amenities and Services

When it comes to creating an unforgettable stay for your loved one, we go above and beyond to ensure your stay is filled with romance and enchantment. In addition to the outstanding amenities we provide, we offer a selection of incredible packages that are designed to leave a lasting impression. Imagine savoring the finest local chocolates and indulging in artisanal charcuterie boards without ever leaving the comfort of your room. To complement these delectable treats, you can toast to your love with a bottle of champagne, setting the stage for a memorable celebration. And because every romantic escape should have a touch of elegance, our rooms can be adorned with a fresh bouquet of flowers, adding a fragrant and colorful flourish to your memorable getaway. These packages are meticulously curated to make your loved one feel not just loved but truly cherished. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a special occasion, or simply showing your appreciation, our offerings are designed to help you express your love in the most exquisite and heartfelt way.

Unwind and Relax in Style

When you stay with us, you get all of the history and charm that has been with the estate since the beginning, with updated features and colorful charm that truly brings the space to life and invigorates it with new, playful energy. Each room has a unique atmosphere, making every single stay a different experience. We even have a stunning reading room to cozy up with your favorite read (or borrow one of ours from our library)! It’s the perfect place to curl up with a cup of coffee and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re traveling alone, it’s the perfect place to enjoy rest and solitude. If you’re traveling with friends or loved ones, it’s a great space to relax together and enjoy a little quiet time.

Crafting Your Perfect Itinerary

If you decide to venture out of the estate and wish to explore the city while you’re staying with us, our innkeepers and staff are happy to help you plan the perfect adventure right here in Columbus. We are locals who love the city and are always up-to-date on local events and places you should visit in our community. We also have a location page that highlights some of our favorite places to visit in the area.

Local Eats

Columbus is a foodie city. It’s one of the reasons we love it so much! Our location page highlights many fantastic restaurants in the local area, and our innkeepers are always happy to share some of our favorite local eats with any of our guests. Columbus has some of the best restaurants and dining, from upscale to casual. Grab a fork and explore the city by way of food and drink!

Plan Your Special Event: Hosting and Lodging at Our B&B

At The Timbrook, we take immense pride in offering an idyllic setting that can beautifully accommodate various occasions and gatherings. Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat for a couples’ getaway, a memorable destination for a fun-filled girls’ weekend, the perfect location for a productive company retreat, or a cozy haven during your business trip, The Timbrook has you covered. We also stand ready to enhance the joy of special milestones like graduations and weddings, making them even more memorable. If you’re considering hosting an event or staying at our picturesque venue, we invite you to get in touch with us to discover more about our versatile spaces and carefully crafted accommodations. We understand the importance of detail when planning events, and our experienced team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We take pride in ensuring that your stay with us is nothing short of exceptional. So, whether you’re searching for the perfect location for a special celebration or looking to turn a business gathering into a remarkable experience, The Timbrook is more than a place to stay; it’s a place to create cherished memories and celebrate life’s milestones. We’re excited to work with you to make your event truly one of a kind.

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